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The Fisheries Information and Technology Section (AFSFITS), formerly known as the Computer User Section (AFSCUS) until a name change in 2008, was established in 1985 as part of the American Fisheries Society by fisheries professionals to foster communications among fisheries computer users. From a technology standpoint, much has changed since the1980's.  Gone are NSFNET, the floppy disc, and bag phone; which have evolved into the modern Internet, cloud storage/computing and the smartphone, respectively.  These technological advancements (and many others) have had profound influence on the fisheries profession.  We would venture to guess that the ratio of fisheries computer users to non-computer users has inverted since 1985.  This shift alone has changed the way fisheries data / information is collected, analyzed, stored and disseminated.  WIth progress comes greater opportunity.  As such, it is the overarching goal of AFSFITS to support the Society and its members in this ever-changing technological world.  Follow these links to learn more About AFSFITS and opportunities to Get Involved.