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Fall 2014

Presidents Byte - Fall 2014

Presidents Byte

Hello everyone, hope all is well! I’d like to bring you up to speed on FITS activities since late spring.

The National Stream Internet Project

An analytical infrastructure for data on stream networks
Member Submission

​Hi Everyone, I’m writing with regards to a new national project we have underway that stream techno-geeks might be interested in. We call it “The National Stream Internet Project.” It’s prompted by the fact that accurate, high resolution information to describe the status and trends of water quality and aquatic biotas does not exist for the approximately 2.5 million kilometers of streams and rivers across the United States.

Fishery Analysis and Modelling Simulator (FAMS) Now Available for Windows 7 & 8


The popular software Fishery Analysis and Modelling Simulator (FAMS) that AFS offered for Windows XP and earlier machines has been recently upgraded and enhanced to make it operable on Windows 7 & 8.

Update: Fish Bioenergetics 4.0 (Fish Bioen4)


FITS members – a quick update on Fish Bioenergetics 4.0. This summer we finalized a database that contains parameter estimates for 108 bioenergetics models --- quite an increase from the 33 models in Fish Bioenergetics 3.0! We also completed a literature review of bioenergetics models and developed an Endnote library with links to PDFs. Ultimately, the library, PDFs, parameter estimates, etc… will be available on the FishBioen Web site.

2014 Conference and Annual Meeting of the Organization of Fish & Wildlife Information Managers Summary


The 2014 Conference and Annual Meeting of the Organization of Fish & Wildlife Information Managers was held in Flagstaff, AZ September 28 – October 2, 2014. Approximately 60 members and guests attended and shared more than 40 posters and technical presentations.

2015 MINK Data Conclave


No PowerPoints. No officers. No committees.
The MINK Data Conclave was created to be an informal gathering of natural resource data and information managers in the four state area (all are welcome).

HTI Sonar Courses

Press Release

Attend HTI's Sonar Courses Online or On-Site at University of Washington School of Aquatic Fishery Sciences, Seattle, WA

Developing a National Fisheries Data Exchange Standard

Sponsored By: AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section, Organization of Fish and Wildlife Information Managers
Symposium Article

Many agencies and organizations conduct fisheries and aquatic ecology surveys that result in a wealth of data needed by research and management communities. These data could significantly advance the goals of national and regional scale initiatives if information was more readily exchanged.

Gaining Better Understanding of Resources and Resource Users through the Application of Emerging Technologies

A summary of the symposium co-hosted by FITS and the Socioeconomics Sections at the Annual AFS Meeting in Quebec City
Symposium Article

The Fisheries Information and Technology Section and Socioeconomics Section co-hosted a symposium this year to highlight the use of new and innovative technologies in the study of fisheries resources and resource users. There was an excellent session that covered a range of topics from recreational and commercial data collection to the study of resource users through social media data.