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Summer 2014

Fish Database Web Application in Missouri

Member Submission

Have you ever wanted to look at fish population indices from a body of water on the other side of the state? Or needed to compare the present fish population in a lake to that found 10 years ago? These are questions asked all the time by fisheries managers and researchers.

OFWIM News (March 2014)


The most recent newsletter from the Organization of Fish and Wildlife Information Managers is now online. Follow the link below to access their content.

Survey: Evaluation of electronic, hand-held, data collection devices in natural resources


The Organization of Fish and Wildlife Managers (OFWIM), is hosting a survey to evaluate the strengths and limitation of electronic hand-held data collection devices for the collection of natural resource related data (fish, forest, wildlife, habitat, etc.).  The goal of the survey is to understand which hand-held devices are the most effective, best liked and most cost effective under various